The English 101 Menu

I decided to make an assembly using the structure of a menu, with various appetizers, entrees, and drinks and deserts. The appetizers laid the foundation for our learning in class, and included many of our early readings about gaming and gamefullness. In these readings we learned how to define games and make sense of games, most notable through probing and telescoping. I also included some of the early games we played which got us thinking more critically about games than we had in the past. The entrees are the main bulk of our class, including large assignments and recurring themes that have become central to our class. The drinks and desserts are the fun games that we played for class, all of which managed to tell entertaining stories and got us thinking about more subtle aspects of games: music, environment, themes and symbols. This assembly was overall pretty fun to make and helped me organize the various things I did in this class over the course of the semester.

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