Jacuzzi Misadventures

Side note: for this assignment, I originally wanted to use the jacuzzi setting on my parent’s bathtub to create a hot-tub party, but things went quite awry. I rarely use their bathtub and I hadn’t used the jacuzzi setting in years, so little did I know what would happen. I filled the tub up to the jacuzzi jet line, and when I pressed the button, the water came surging out at crazy speeds, splashing the water all around the tub: on the ground, sink, mirrors. It scared the daylight out of me and I turned it off almost immediately. It also flung a ton of dirt into the water making it completely unsuitable to bathe. So, one important lesson I learned from this assignment: don’t use the jacuzzi setting! Thankfully I wasn’t in the tub at the time, or else it would have been a disaster.

I later redid this assignment, albeit with a much less unique premise. I brought a boombox (out of commission unfortunately, but a good atmosphere nonetheless), a dart board, and a monster energy drink to make for a fun basement bathroom party. Also, of course, including a roll of toilet paper and hand sanitizer as part of my state-mandated coronacation.

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-6e87DXVoJnNL5Epvqb8SzFjLI1TK90e/view?usp=sharing

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