The Gam3D Life

I decided to 3D print a car game piece from The Game of Life. I settled on this piece because I didn’t want to just choose one of the default game pieces that you provided us, so I went searching on Thingiverse. I immediately went through all the different board games I played as a kid, and The Game of Life was one of my favorites because it was more complex than Candyland, and I wouldn’t always lose to my brother like I would if I played Monopoly. Luckily, someone had already made an .stl file for car game pieces, so I chose it. Each car has multiple holes that you fill up with SOs and kids as you move on in the game. I also found the game fun because I was introduced to adult concepts at a young age, even though I never grasped them entirely. Luckily, I went with Michael to make it early and the people at the TechLab were very helpful so I had very little trouble making the piece. Although it has that “3D print feel”, I’m happy that I made something from scratch and the final result turned out well.

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