Podcast Reflection

I began the process for making my podcast with the idea of nostalgia in video games. I thought that revisiting games from my childhood would be a good starting point. My main two ideas for games were Runescape and Minecraft, but since my associate producer Michael never played Runescape, we settled on Minecraft as the better option. After a meeting with Professor Morgen, we decided to shift the focus from nostalgia in Minecraft to explaining and analyzing how Minecraft shaped our values and experiences as kids to us as adults in college. We both decided to play the game again for about an hour to reflect on how the experience has changed. Being the executive producer and having played Minecraft more than Michael, I came up with most of the framework and ideas and wrote some scripted parts before we met to record and discuss the game.

Our primary goals of the podcast were to address how Minecraft has affected us as kids, the relationships that were formed around the game, and the affect of playing the game again with these nostalgic memories. We had this framework before we started recording, but we also wanted to unscripted moments and conversations between the two of us. To get through the unscripted portions, we wrote bullet points of different topics we needed to cover as we talked and we went from there. I made a podcast with audacity before in senior year of high school, so fortunately I already had an idea of how it worked. I could cut, stop, and go as we went along going over our primary goals. At certain times we weren’t confident in our unscripted moments, so we recollected our thoughts, thought of new ideas, and tried again. Overall, the recording process went pretty smoothly, as did most of the editing process. I decided to do the editing because I had the most important position and Michael had a lot of work. I found an artist on Free Music Archive that I liked, so I just used his music. The rest of the editing consisted of sound mixing and deleting the “um”s and awkward silences between takes.

By making the podcast I was able to compose a form of English utilizing modes. The first was a scripted introduction, conclusion and description of the game, and the other was transforming that writing and outline into unscripted verbal communication with another person while arguing its beneficial effects to convince an audience. I was also able to summarize and conclude my arguments succinctly in my conclusion. After meeting with Professor Morgen, I revised my main thesis from being analyzing nostalgia to analyzing the effects of Minecraft on myself and Michael from past to present. I utilized the Yeti microphones in the library, reserved a private room to make sure there were no outside noises, and enhanced the podcast with Creative Commons music. Making this podcast improved my skills with verbal communication, technology as a form of media, and revision of work as a way to create a new, strengthened, product.

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