Losing the House on the Hill

On Tuesday night I played Betrayal at House on the Hill with three other students from class: Michael, Giovanni, and Sadie. We initially started reading the instructions out loud, which was helpful, but we decided it was taking too long so we watched a five minute video instead. We were confused about the “haunt” part of the game, but we knew it was a later part of the game so we started playing with understanding just the basic exploratory of the game. As my character, I decided to pick Darren “Flash” Williams (speed: 6, might: 3, sanity:3, knowledge:3) because I thought the increased speed would be useful to get to places faster than the other players.

Once we started playing the game, we started exploring and collecting events, objects, and omens. Many of the rooms contained events, and I started to realize that putting all my stats into one category (speed) may have not been the best idea, because I started to lose other stats by not rolling high enough. Because your stats determine how many dice you roll, many times losing stats can make it easier to lose even more stats, which gave me the idea that a more standard 4,4,4,3 stat distribution would have been superior. After a while of exploring, which mostly coincided with me losing stats, we picked up one omen too many and the haunt began.

The haunt was the most exciting and fun part of the game for me. We had haunt 9 which started out with everyone as a hero and we had to all get to the pentagram chamber in order to kill a dark fiddler. Once in the room, we had to roll a sanity roll of 5+ four times to dispel the dark fiddler and win the game. However, if we sanity rolled less than 4, we died and became a traitor. In our game, Sadie was the first to become a traitor. Next was me, then finally Giovanni until only Michael was left as a hero. Might became an important factor in the game as we took turns trying to take down Michael. The game got really tense as Michael lost health. It could have gone either way, but Michael managed to eek out the last 5+ sanity roll. Luckily for him, he had high might and sanity stats, otherwise he might not have been able to pull it off.

Overall I thought this game was really fun to play, especially the haunt portion, as the stakes were high and it basically became a free-for-all to win the game. Although a lot of the game comes down to random chance, there’s also a large amount of freedom and multiple different ways to play, which I enthusiastically enjoy.

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