Edward Pepperhands

As you can see, I decided to combine a pair of scissors and a few red peppers together for my combo photo. When I first started the assignment and started looking for images, I had little idea of what I wanted to do and I knew the CC options for images were limited, so I went with the easier idea of looking up images of buildings with a plan to add some goofy figure on top of the building. However, I decided that would be too easy to accomplish, so I started thinking of more unique ways I could combine things. After a bit of thinking I got the idea of combining scissors with a pair of things that extended outwards, matching the shape of scissors. I found a pair of red scissors I though worked well, so I came up with the idea that red peppers would be a perfect match. After a bit of searching, I found a pair of peppers that were somewhat skinny and extended outward just like I wanted.


Once I had my images, using pixlr wasn’t too difficult. The main difficulty was in the beginning figuring out how to add a 2nd image by using the layering option. Every time I had an issue I couldn’t figure out (such as cutting out the peppers or stretching them out) I would struggle for a few minutes before simply looking up how to do it on Google, which never failed me.

The image turned out alright in my opinion. I thought my combination was an interesting concept I just don’t think I executed it very well: it looks a little bit off to me. I think most of this “offness” is due to the images I picked; the pixels for the pepper are much more crisp while the background of the scissors is blurry. I think the final image conveys a flawed, yet imaginative image nonetheless.

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