Gone Home Observations

8:03pm – Just started the game and I’m already getting very creepy vibes. After my character comes back from studying abroad she arrives at a large, dark house on a rainy night. The first thing I noticed about this game was the sound design was very good. With headphones in I can hear the direction of the rain changing as I move the character. After walking around the house for a little bit I’m impressed by how many objects in the game I can interact with: from a phone to and answering machine, to random pencils and pens in drawers. The dates on the pieces of paper I pick up and lack of cellphone access make the setting unmistakably the 90s, which I think makes the game more interesting.

Another thing I’ve noticed about this game is that it is very dark. Even after I adjusted my brightness I have to turn on every light in the room before I can see what I’m doing clearly. This is a challenge for me and I hope it doesn’t get too irritating as I continue the game.

8:45pm – I’ve continued the game since the last post: walking around the house in search of clues for where my family went. I am oftentimes a perfectionist in story-driven games such as Gone Home, so I like to read most of the clues that are laid out. One interesting thing I’ve figured out about the family is that they (or at least one of them) are Kennedy Assassination conspiracy theorists. I found one book at first in the TV room, but then I later found a whole stockpile of them in a closet. I don’t know if this is relevant to the story, but I find these side details very interesting and I hope to investigate them further. For now though, it seems the main plot pertains to the friendship of Lonnie and my sister Samantha. After hearing the audio of Sam dyeing Lonnie’s hair, I’m beginning to suspect they might be more than friends.

11:38pm: I took a long break then finished the game. I didn’t realize that it was so short: according to steam it only took me 75 minutes to complete. My prediction about Sam and Lonnie being more than friends turned out to be true, and I really enjoyed the slow unfolding of events and clues I gathered that led to the ending of the story, with Sam running off with Lonnie and the parents getting counseling. Although I at first thought this would be a scary game – based on the darkness, ominous music, and rain – by the end I was less afraid of the something jumping out to attack me, and much more concerned about what would happen to Sam and Lonnie.

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