Bag Items:

  • 1 laptop computer
  • 1 Book (SuperBetter, for eng 101 class, duh)
  • 1 Calculator to get me through Chem 202
  • 1 stack of assorted looseleaf paper
  • 3 notebooks (blue for chem, dark blue for math, and green for Spanish)
  • 3 expo markers accompanied by an expo eraser
  • 2 Pencils
  • 2 Pens

These assorted school items accompany me throughout all my day. Occasionally I add a laptop charger, notecards, or something else I need for the day, but these items listed are constantly with me. The notebooks especially hold sentimental value because they’ve been in my bag since day 1 of college, and have remained there ever since. Thankfully, I am still getting use out of them. But it’s also important to note the items that weren’t able to make it into my bag. Sprawled on my desk lies an unopened stack of looseleaf paper, a few books, 2 binders and a folder that I brought to college, but never used. I rarely receive on paper assignment in college, so I have little to no use for binders and folders, as I once did in high school.

There were few challenges to this assignment, and I thought it was very straightforward. Every college student’s bag is probably similar, yet I still feel a connection to the items that have helped me through my first year on my own. I believe that a catalogue of ideas is most definitely a form of writing. Just as poetry is different from essays, lists and catalogues are just a unique way to express yourself through writing. After all, writing is simply a combination of words to display a meaning.

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